Discussion of Pikulski & Chard article, Ehri & Nunes chapter, and Cunningham & Cunningham chapters

Discussion of Mermelstein Chapters 6-11

  • Puting the reading/writing connection into action p. 98
  • Architecture of teaching within the framework of a) connection, (b) teach, (c) active engagement, and (d) link pp. 105-108, ch. 9
  • Structure of conferences (research, observation, decide, teach) pp. 133-137

Show examples of a Writing mini-lesson and a conference using Resources for Primary Writing

Complete 4 expectations for reading/writing by grade level at the beginning, middle, and end of the year.
Conference/Small Group Planning Grid (relates to Mermelstein ch.11)
Session 6 Discussion Board websites available at bottom of Online Resources page.
Guide for Observing and Noting Behaviors

Discussion of Interactive Writing

Overview with excerpt of
McCarrier, A., Pinnell, G.S., & Fountas, I. (2000). Interactive writing: How languge and literacy come together, K-2. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.
Read current uses of Interactive writing in
Patterson, E., Schaller, M., & Clemens, J. (2008). A closer look at interactive writing. The Reading Teacher, 61(6), 496-497.

Independent Reading of
Button, K., Johnson, M., & Furgerson, P. (1996). Interactive writing in a primary classroom. The Reading Teacher, 49(6), 446-454.

Assignment #4

Rubrics posted on Assignment 4 page
Discussion of brief presentations on units for Session 8

Book Clubs