Word Study

  • Discussion of Bear et al. chapter
  • Discussion of Gentry chapter
  • Different approaches to teaching phonics and orthography
  • Modeling Making Words lesson
  • Reading Rods
  • Words Their Way
  • Modeling a Words their Way sort

Professor Garfield
Clifford Interactive Storybook
Read Write Think's Construct a Word
Other Literacy Sites
Working with Words
Reading First in Virginia Recommended Sequence

For Session 6

Find websites or professional literature that describe literacy centers. Choose one source that you will share with your classmates. Post a summary of it on the wiki.
For example a Google search of literacy centers for first grade yielded 1,140,000 sites. I found
Mrs. Nelson's Class​website was first in my search results. If you look at her site she offers up specific centers she uses with links to documents you can download.

For the assignment:
  1. Name your source (APA format for a book but just providing the web address for a website is fine).
  2. Summarize what the author is sharing with you.
  3. Relate the usefulness of the information to the class readings and the article by Ford and Opitz
  4. This should be no more than one page type written. Go to the Session 6 page and log in (top right corner). Click on the edit button in the top right corner that appears after you have logged in. You can then click File button the Editor bar that is now on the screen (not the File link at the top of your web browser). When the pop up window appears, click on "Upload Files" and find your document from your computer files. Once it loads up you can double click it to place on the wiki page. It will appear as a blue bubble with your file name inside. When you hit Save in the Editor you will see it there as a link for people to click on when they view the wiki.
  5. You have until 6 PM on April 20th to load up your document to the wiki. If the website says "load or discard previous draft?" stop and just email me your document. I will put it on the page for you if you do this in a timely manner and there will be no penalty for "latenes" (I will be unavailable from 3-6 PM on April 20th. Afterwards I will be able to log in to the wiki to help).
  6. Read what your classmates have uploaded and if possible visit their sites. Respond back to at least 2 people regarding their posting. What do you like or not like about the suggestions of the authors of the website or professional article? What personal experiences do you have with what was written?

Meeting in Book Clubs

Developing a Unit of Study

Choose an option from the syllabus
1- Written Unit
2- Unit Website
3-Action Research

Look at the unit examples in Allyn on pages 150-169.
Look at and use the templates provided in the back of the book for unit planning on p. 197-200.

Please be as DETAILED as possible. It should be clearly written if your reading workshop is defined as: (a) starting with a shared reading or read aloud session, followed by independent reading, with a share time at the end; OR (b) starting with shared reading or read aloud session, followed by reading centers, and then a wrap up session.